Cloudy to sunny SUP Yoga classes in Fort Lauderdale with Kathy and Natasha

On an overcast saturday morning in Fort Lauderdale, I met with two ladies that are making things happen on the water. And what started as a rainy day turned out to become a sunny and beautiful February day in South Florida perfect for paddle board yoga. Natasha at SUP Pup FTL and Kathy from Tiny Warrior Wellness met a few years ago at an entrepreneurial group and decided to join forces to give paddle board tours and yoga classes in Fort Lauderdale.

Natasha, originally from Jacksonville has been paddling for a while as she was born and raised close to the water in Jacksonville beach. And Kathy is a certified yoga instruction from DC. Both have been in Fort Lauderdale for five years now and provide to travellers and locals alike, a calming yoga class on paddleboards. The classes happen in Victoria Park, on a quiet park on the east side of town.

When I met them, it seemed like it was not going to happen but after a quick shower and a few minutes, the clouds were all gone and a group of four people joined Kathy on the water for some yoga practice. See doing yoga is easy depending on how you look at it, and doing it on paddle boards takes it up a notch. But Kathy, the instructor, tells us that its very rare that someone will fall on the water. The boards provided by SUPPUP FTL and Connelly SUP are actually quite wide and stable, and are perfect for floating and doing intricate movements on the water surface.

The surroundings to your exercises on the water were awesome. It was really quiet and close to a bunch of trees and plants, and all you could hear were birds that were overseeing our Downward Facing Dog, Planks and Up Dog. This class of young yoginis were down to attempting more challenging balancing postures, as Kathy guided them through core strength for Beginners or Advanced students that had movements adapted to their skill level. Yoga on a Paddle Board is just like regular yoga, but a rather more exciting experience that burns calories and doesn’t really fell like exercising.

Here are five great reasons to try paddle yoga in Fort Lauderdale with SUP Pup FTL:

1) All abilities levels are welcome for physical and mental conditioning.

2) Taking your familiar yoga moves out of regular settings and trying them out on a new territory.

3) Exercising outside surround by beautiful Nature and not a shelter over your head.

4) Adaptation and improvisation to avoid falling in the water on those not so perfect stances are ok.

5) Exercising the strength of your core and your balance.


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