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The bomb surf is the result of the evolution of SUPInside.com that incorporates all forms of waveriding- Bodyboarding, Surfing, Stand Up Surfing, Skimming, Bodysurfing, and on and on.

SUP Insider explores paddle boarding as a way to keep active and fit and focuses on a specific kind of board: inflatable ones. And the reason is simple. The every day or weekend paddle boarder struggles with time, space and money. If you do, an inflatable paddle board is a great option for you.

Inflatable paddle boards are easy to carry and store, quick to inflate and deflate while at the beach and usually cost less than regular paddleboards.

We at SUP Insider are real people and paddleboarders and use and test the products we feature. We don’t want to test every single product available. We will test and feature only a few: the ones we use and the ones we like.

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