How about paddling and working in the fjords of Norway? This might just be your opportunity

Fjords are those deep valleys, usually narrow and steepsided that extend below sea level and are naturally filled with seawater. Fjords are found in locations where current or past glaciation extended below current sea level and there’s nowhere more iconic for them than Norway. The countries countless fjords are figurative of the country and  have been pictured in movies produced there like Norsemen – that showed how old people practiced the Attestupa, the mythical practice of senicide during Nordic prehistoric times by jumping from the top of the cliffs – and The Wave, that tells the story of a geologist that predicts that a piece of the cliff will fall into the water and cause a wave that engulfs a nearby town on the fjords. The Wave (originally Bolgen) is available on Netflix.

Now imagine yourself  paddling silently through this amazing scenery with a bunch of lovely people and knowledgeable local guide. You can experience that by taking part in one SupNorway’s  expeditions through the fjords of the Sognefjord – the longest & deepest navigable fjord in the world and one of it’s arms, Nærøyfjord – in Western Norway. Steep mountains and snow-covered peaks that stand 1700 meters above sea level, with picturesque villages and literally hundreds of waterfalls are the scenery of the 2019 season that starts end of May till End of August when sunlight lasts up to 20 hours a day.

SupNorway expeditions are getting famous (is Norway becoming the next Iceland, social media’s darling?) so it’s important to pre book in advance on their website. Titus, the owner and lead guide at SUPNorway has prepared a route that includes:

  • Long days with waterfalls sounding like distant surf through your tent.
  • Relaxed pace: Gliding under towering cliffs and pausing often as opportunities present to film, photograph or just take in the magnificence of mother nature.
  • Intimate: Group numbers are kept small to provide an intimate feeling to the expedition and to minimise our environmental footprint.
  • Food: Three healthy meals a day are provided with the use of the best quality Norwegian food and freshly made by the guide each day.

SUPNOrway is very friendly, small company who love SUP and nature and want to share this amazing location and experience with you as the TripAdvisor reviews will attest:

SUP bliss for the outdoor enthusiastI enjoyed a fantastic 5-day trip with SUP Norway: Titus puts his heart and soul into the planning and execution to ensure great results. The gear, itinerary, communications are all top notch, and the scenery is unparalleled. One thing that makes the SUP Norway experience unique is that the outing is all self-supported, so if you are the type who prefers easy luxury, this is not the trip for you: you will set up your own tent, you will help gather firewood, you will make your own morning coffee. I had an absolute blast and hope to be back next summer!
Titus Kodzoman, founder of SUPNorway. Credits:
Titus Kodzoman, founder of SUPNorway. Credits:

The best job of your life?

SUP Norway is looking to expand their operations to new areas and are looking for an experienced and talented expedition leader/host to head the expeditions in our existing area of operations in the UNESCO protected Nærøyfjord/Aurlandsfjord branches of Sognefjord in the West of Norway. This is an incredibly rewarding and exciting opportunity for the right candidate that will be awesomely rewarded according to their website. Read the job description below and see if you qualify:
  • You are experienced and confident in leading paddling groups in the wild and are uncompromising in your professionalism and safety routines. Your paddling endurance and strength are excellent and you are capable of towing a casualty for several km.
  • Your crisis management skills are proven and you are able to anticipate, identify and mitigate risk for a group on open water.
  • You have good camp craft and you can light fires with your laser-vision enjoy imparting your skills to others.
  • You have an inspirational personality and conduct yourself to the highest standards.
  • You are empathic and have an understanding of group dynamics.

Working conditions:

  • Position is from mid May to 31 Aug 2019.
  • 2 tours in May as assistant guide under training from chief guide (paid).
  • 5 & 2 day tours with 1½-2 rest days (paid) between + 1 week free in July (paid).
  • Accommodation (shared) and all food provided.
  • You will have an assistant guide and a max group size of 12 guests.
  • You will be responsible for logistics and all aspects of each expedition.
  • You will be required to organise and prepare some meals for each group.
Now go apply at SupNorways website before they pick someone else! Or contact SUPNorway on our website to book one of the their trips.
Boards and camping tents at the shores of Norways fjords. Credits:
Boards and camping tents at the shores of Norways fjords. Credits:

FJORDS NORWAY – Stegastein Viewpoint from FJORDS on Vimeo.