The storage arrangement for the new racing SUP

Leaning the boards against a wall.

I haven’t told you about my recent upgrade from inflatable paddleboards to a proper racing sup board. Yes, that finally happened. I bought a second hand JP Australia board from a paddler in Fort Lauderdale. He is about to upgrade to a new board and needed a new home for his old board. It was a good deal and I just need to fix some minor dings. The thing is that my current storage arrangement …

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Dolphin hits paddleboarder and video goes totally viral

Dolphin hits paddleboarder gif.

So here it comes; a perfect wave! All of us are going to ride this wave! Then, just as the wave crests I see this asshole standing on some shit and he’s right in front. So dolphin one leaps out, lowers his snout, and takes a paddle boarder OUT! Every surfer has a crazy story about dolphins popping out of waves and people would think it was a shark in the middle of the wave …

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Cloudy to sunny SUP Yoga classes in Fort Lauderdale with Kathy and Natasha

Paddleboarding Yoga on the river.

On an overcast saturday morning in Fort Lauderdale, I met with two ladies that are making things happen on the water. And what started as a rainy day turned out to become a sunny and beautiful February day in South Florida perfect for paddle board yoga. Natasha at SUP Pup FTL and Kathy from Tiny Warrior Wellness met a few years ago at an entrepreneurial group and decided to join forces to give paddle board …

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Choosing a SUP Race Board: customize your racing paddleboard with the Flying Fish 3D board builder

Flying Fish Board Company custom paddle board designer.

The word “Slick” according to Google Translate is the definition of an impressive and efficient action or thing. That might also just be the definition of the new Flying Fish boards 3D custom board builder. The thing is impressive and can cause you to spend hours in front of your computer. Before you spend hours paddling on your new board. Slick – adjective (of an action or thing) done or operating in an impressively smooth, efficient, and …

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Paddle board fitness classes with Jenna in Fort Lauderdale

Jenna at Paddle board fitness 101

Paddleboard Fitness Instructor, Jenna is a Certified Personal Trainer that adapts regular workouts to anyone’s fitness levels on the water. Exercising on a paddleboard allows her to combine all elements of SUP to maximize your gains. Paddleboard fitness is great for the entire body and a class can be adapted to any fitness level. On our first video series, we feature Jenna at Padlleboard Fitness 101 as she tells us a little about her background, her class and …

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How about paddling and working in the fjords of Norway? This might just be your opportunity

SUP Norway guests paddling through the fjords.

Fjords are those deep valleys, usually narrow and steepsided that extend below sea level and are naturally filled with seawater. Fjords are found in locations where current or past glaciation extended below current sea level and there’s nowhere more iconic for them than Norway. The countries countless fjords are figurative of the country and  have been pictured in movies produced there like Norsemen – that showed how old people practiced the Attestupa, the mythical practice of senicide …

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Do you also pick up trash while paddling?

Turtle wrapped in can plastic.

Ever felt obliged to pick up trash while on your leisure paddle? It turns out, it’s not an uncommon thing. A sense of duty takes hold of us paddleboarders as we enter the water and encounter a pile of plastic or trash and compels us to pick that up, bring with us and dispose it properly. I have caught myself many times leaving the water with the few pockets I had filled with plastic I …

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The new ISLE Lotus Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board is a beauty!

The new ISLE Lotus yoga inflatable SUP is a beauty!

This Isle Inflatable SUP featured on the new Isle Surf & SUP newsletter spotlights their new fitness and yoga friendly board and they do it in a very presentable way. The newsletter is beautifully designed for a beautifully designed ISLE SUP. The new Lotus is an advancement to it’s predecessor the well reviewed ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10’4 Yoga SUP, an ISUP that was a hit in the SUP fitness and yoga communities due to it’s …

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Stranded at Fyre Festival

Stranded on Fyre Festival, scene from Castaway.

Fyre Festival was all the rage on social media this Friday, April 28th. Look up #fyrefestival on Twitter or the festivals subreddit. So from scanning multiple online news sources, as well as twitter, I can safely say this list is the only cross examined and confirmed accounts as to what exactly is happening. -The “private flights” are chartered 737’s with economy class seating and a soda+chips for each person -the luxury boutique accommodations are literal …

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On Netflix: ‘Radical’, the controversial saga of a Brazilian anti-hero surfer

Plotted chronologically with reports, images and videos, “Radical” tells the story of famous and controversial Brazilian surfer Dadá Figueiredo, who rose fast in his career and was an icon of the sport in the 1980s. Vans, known worldwide for being involved in youth culture and action sports, supported the documentary “Radical – The Controversial Saga of Dadá Figueiredo” by director Raphael Erichsen, who won the best foreign film category at the Long Beach International Festival. …

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