iRocker All-Around Inflatable SUP 2020 review


iROCKER SUP is a relatively new company, but they have made themselves popular because of its affordable prices and the shape and design of their SUPs. In this review, we are going to look at iRocker All-Around 11′ paddle board’s improved features and construction, which makes it easy to perform incredibly well in all conditions. You be surprised at the value in this well constructed board. This year’s inflatable board has been made lighter and …

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SUP Insider becomes The Bomb Surf!

We’re happy to announce that SUP Insider, the stand up paddle resource founded in 2018, is merging / re-branding with the online wave riding magazine The Bomb Surf. As part of the merger, The Bomb will start to provide content on Stand Up Paddle, alongside the regularly scheduled content of surfing and other forms of wavering. Be sure to give us a follow on social media to stay updated of the latest developments:

ISLE Cruiser Soft Top Stand up Paddle Board review

Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddleboard

The Isle cruiser is one of the most durable standup paddleboards in the market right now. Their previous design has been turned into a soft top with plenty of it on water. And guess what? Despite being one of the coolest looking SUPs we’ve seen and performing really well on the water, it’s being sold at a very affordable price. Its unparalleled durability is down to the double string foam core which has a fiberglass …

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Blackfin Model X Inflatable SUP review

blackfin X

Last year, the introduction of Blackfins mesmerized all of us.   The Blackfins looked suave, and they had features such as carbon rails which we had not seen before. How about the 2019’s? Have they improved the models in any different way?   Blackfin paddle boards are part of the iRocker group, and are essentially a more rugged line of boards. As iRocker itself defined:   “All the rigid features that were added to the …

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Atoll 11 Foot Stand up Paddle Board review

Guy Standing on a Atoll board between two chairs.

The Atoll 11′ inflatable paddle board has lots of things that make it a popular choice; it’s the reason why we find it an enjoyment to review it. Because of its stability, we found it very easy to paddle. It has an envying shape and design, and with a cute tapered nose and large touring fin, it glides smoothly and faster than many other 32 inches wide boards. You can quickly notice how well the …

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Electric pump for paddleboards and kayaks

Tower Electric Pump

The whole reason for an inflatable board is convenience. Granted I have never inflated by board with the hand pump, but I an electric pump is faster! Electric pumps inflate quickly, and automatically shut off when it is filled to the PSI you have set (I usually have my board at 11). This pump also has a deflate option, but I honestly never use it. The board very easily deflates when you roll it up …

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Help! I’m stuck in the three mile rut

The 14th street dock in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

It’s tough to admit but I’m stuck in the three mile rut. After or during the 3 mile paddle I’m dying tired and ready to sit down and relax. I started tracking my heart rate after feeling it going a little too fast on a previous race practice. Truth is I don’t know how far I should go but if listening to my body, I believe the three miler is my limit. I tried again …

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Give mom a brand new paddleboard. The best Mothers Day SUP promos!

Mothers Day paddleboard promos

This Mother’s Day, please don’t give mom anymore pajamas, perfume or flowers for Mother’s Day. Instead go bold with either clothers,  gear or give her a chance to try a brand new sport. SUP is ideal for all ages and active levels. Mom will have a blast either sweating or just sitting and floating down a river on a paddle board. Below, we list a few of the best Stand Up PaddleBoard promos this year: …

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Day 3 is paid for! The body is conditioning to paddle boarding

The sun sets over Florida as I finish my Monday paddle.

Got home from work around 6:15pm, ate dinner as I was quite hungry, got my water pouch ready and out I went. I was debating if I should eat and try exercising ‘fasting’ for better results. It wasn’t this time yet. I had lunch right at noon and by 6pm I was starving. Green beans, some greens and a beef was what I had. Oh and neapolitan ice cream. I’m getting quite annoyed with my …

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Racing paddleboarding: my start and the first five sessions

Feeling ok.

I have bought a racing paddle board and you know about that from my last post here. By the way, it has been a while. I was supposed to write about it but ended up getting busy with work, life and other projects. Yes, I got other projects. I even said I was going to build a rack for my boards but found out that there are too many roots where I have my boards …

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