Blackfin Model X Inflatable SUP review

Last year, the introduction of Blackfins mesmerized all of us.


The Blackfins looked suave, and they had features such as carbon rails which we had not seen before. How about the 2019’s? Have they improved the models in any different way?


Blackfin paddle boards are part of the iRocker group, and are essentially a more rugged line of boards. As iRocker itself defined:


“All the rigid features that were added to the new BLACKFIN model give SUP-ers the ability to test their potential out on rough waters. Some of these features include the carbon rail, quad-layer PVC construction and even more military grade materials. The new materials on the BLACKFIN Model X increased the maximum weight capacity to 450 pounds, while the BLACKFIN Model XL holds up to 485 pounds.”


Fortunately, they are still so lovely and have a few changes bettering their performance.


This year’s blackfins are made of improved materials which makes them feel lighter, and the fins have been changed up, the design has been tweaked. Let’s keep reading to get the full details of users’ reviews




At time of publishing, the blackfin model x is publishing at 819$, which includes a 30$ discount and the option to make monthly payment.

You can check the current price by going over to the irockersup site:




  • The Black Model X has extreme durability
  • Maximum rigidity due to the addition of Carbon Rail
  • Comes with a full quality package
  • Has two storage units
  • The paddleboard floats
  • Has one of the best traction pad


  • It’s quite expensive



The fun part is the versatility of Blackfin Model X, which makes it suitable for any water activities.

It has a width of 35” which makes it a very stable board and you can stand on top without experiencing any trouble. Most importantly too, is that it has a maximum capacity of 450lbs, which makes it possible to ride with another rider onboard without hindering its performance.

Blackfin Model X has a relatively high speed; this board can be used in flat water, beach water, and with enough experience, you tackle the white waters.

Also, the model has a slim and smooth body design, which makes it suitable to perform fast and quick maneuvers.


Packaging / Extra Gear


The truth is the Blackfin Model X is not like other affordable regular, affordable boards. This one is on another level and comes with 100% functional packages. Most of their premier quality is expensive, but you have to admit that this board comes with a quality package. The following is the package:

  • A quality rolling travel backpack with cushioned shoulder traps where you can store the board and other gear
  • Carbon shaft paddle that floats and is easy to adjust
  • A coil ankle leash
  • A triple-action dual chamber hand pump
  • A repair kit




The Blackfin Model is versatile and can handle numerous activities. Also, it has quality features that make the board rough and durable. The following are some of the highlights:

  • The Blackfin Model X has two storage areas; one is on the front and has 6 D-rings and a durable bungee cord attaching them. Also, it has small 4 D-rings on its sides and additional safety handles which are critical in case a child accompanies you.
  • A traction pad that is thick, dense and has rubber hands for extra comfort and firm grip.
  • Two grab handles essential for dragging the board out of the water, and a central canary handle to transport the inflated board easily
  • A rear D ring for both leash attachment and a nose D-ring for towing
  • A leakproof valve to ensure a speedy process of inflating the board
  • The Blackfin Model has standard trio-fin navigation system which you can change depending on the depth of your water.