Best paddle boards for beginners

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner to get a good start at paddle boarding. It’s an exciting and easy sport, and after seeing people doing it or trying, now you want to have your own paddle board.

This article might be able to help you choose the best paddle boards to start with.

Inflatable boards are still my choice for starters but we list below a soft top option which is also good for begginner paddlers.


Choosing the best paddleboard

You need to be keen on specific things when you are starting. Firstly, you should ensure that you have a stable paddleboard. Some practice will be needed to be able to stand upright on the paddleboard; however, it would be hard to have successful tries. So, you should ensure to find an 11 feet long and 30 inches wide paddleboard to be sure of stability.

Secondly, you have to look at the price of the paddleboard. But it wouldn’t be wise buying an expensive advanced board if you want to be a great paddle boarder.

Also, you should consider the available types of paddleboards for you to advance to advanced stages quickly. The Inflatable paddle boards are the best for beginners since they are very soft to fall on, portable mostly because you can deflate them and store them easily.

The following are some of the best paddleboards for beginners:

Guy Standing on a Atoll board between two chairs.

  1. Atoll 11′ Inflatable board

The Atoll 11′ inflatable paddle board has lots of things that make it a popular choice; it’s the reason why we find it an enjoyment to review it.

Because of its stability, we found it very easy to paddle. It has an envying shape and design, and with a cute tapered nose and large touring fin, it glides smoothly and faster than many other 32 inches wide boards.

  1. Irocker 11

Irocker 11 is filled up with air, but it’s the most popular choice for beginners. When inflated, it becomes similarly significant as hard boards. Also, it has military-grade materials, which makes it sturdy and great for people starting.

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  1. Easy Rider 11’ 6’’ Blu Wave SUP

This sturdy, 11 feet long and 6 inches SUP is the new go-to beginner paddleboard. It’s great for all beginner levels and also has GoPro attachment addition for when showing off new skills once you are better at paddleboarding.

Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddleboard
Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddleboard
  1. Isle Cruiser Soft Top

If you are looking for a starter board but doesn’t quite want an inflatable, you can opt for the soft top boards which are great for kids and for starters alike.

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  1. Airis ISUP’s

Airis board has three ISUP’s, which makes it an excellent choice for beginners who want to advanced beginner level. Each of the boards has 6 inches thickness, and this makes them very stable to stand heavyweight. They have fibreglass plates which makes them extremely rigid and durable for use by beginner paddleboarders.


Your paddleboarding experience would kick off in style with a perfect choice of a paddleboard. You don’t need rocket science to figure out which paddleboard can work well for you. However, make sure that you consider the prices, designs and sizes of various inflatable paddle boards to create a perfect choice.

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