Atoll 11 Foot Stand up Paddle Board review

The Atoll 11′ inflatable paddle board has lots of things that make it a popular choice; it’s the reason why we find it an enjoyment to review it.

Because of its stability, we found it very easy to paddle. It has an envying shape and design, and with a cute tapered nose and large touring fin, it glides smoothly and faster than many other 32 inches wide boards.

You can quickly notice how well the board glides and you will see less drag. It weights 19lbs, and with its magnificent design, it becomes effortless to paddle it than it is for many boards of that similar size.

So many people keep asking and wondering which board to choose when you don’t want to spend extra money but still want to get a decent and durable SUP. Well, we would recommend the Atoll 11′ inflatable stand up board.

Also, the board comes in a variety of spectacular colours such as Desert Sand, Army Green, and light/navy blue and in Burgundy Red even though it has been sold out for now.



Guy Standing on a Atoll board between two chairs.

Material: It’s made of double-layer fused PVC

Best suits: It’s a perfect fit for beginners who want to advance to the intermediate level. Great for touring lakes, calm rivers and ocean bays. Also, you can paddle with dogs and kids and works well for yoga.


  • 32 inches wide which makes it very stable
  • Its shape and design and a tapered nose and touring tail make it perfect for gliding with ease.
  • Simple to inflate
  • large front bungee section where you can secure your gear
  • Extremely rigid and durable
  • Weighs 19lbs which makes it portable and easy to paddle
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Back grab handle
  • Affordable
  • 2-year warranty


  • Lacks a kicktail
  • Has no D-ring under the nose for towing

Some essential features

  1. Front Bungees

The front Bungee section is large enough to accommodate and secure your gear.

  1. Multiple D-rings

It has up to a total of 15 steel D-rings. There are not only 6 D-rings at the front bungees section and the D-ring at the back for leash, but also 4 D-ring at the board’s sides. The attachment of the D-rings makes it easy to secure any extra gear you might need.

  1. Centre Carry handle

The center carry handle has a neoprene stitched on to add more comfort when you carry the board. However, the little padding on neoprene is thin, but it’s better than nothing.

I’m sure you know how uncomfortable it is to carry a SUP with a regular nylon handle, reason why you need a neoprene cover even if it’s small.

  1. 8 Inches Removable Touring Fin

The centre touring fin can be secured into the tail box using a bolt and screw. When you attach the fin to the SUP, it will create a massive difference in its tracking and backend stability. This kind of attachment enables you to adjust the positioning of the fin to achieve the desired performance.